Frequently Asked Questions About "The Legendary Graduate"

What is your book about?
A: It is my collection of poetry reflecting upon my life; from social commentary to hypothetical situations, and even parody, along with satire. This book unlocks the secrets of my mind!

Q: What made you decide to write this book?
A: I have always wanted to write a book, although when I was little I didn't realize there was a difference between writing a book and publishing it. Well now I have finally published it!

Q: Why did you choose the title "The Legendary Graduate"?
A: It was based on my real live private graduation ceremony held in my honor by the judge Hon. Philip Patton, with a medal presented to me by the sheriff Chris Eaton!

Q: What year did you graduate?
A: 2006 at the Barren County courthouse in Glasgow, KY, USA.

Q: How much did it cost to have your book published?
A: Absolutely nothing, although if I want my own copy, I am only required to pay for the materials, without paying the full price.

Q: Who published your book?
A: Lulu.COM, a printing and publishing service, via print-on-demand.

Q: What is Print-on-Demand?
A: Rather than make a whole inventory of books, the publishers will only print the book when it is ordered, and the publisher handles all that.

Q: How did you obtain your ISBN, and did it cost anything?
A: When I used the Lulu Creation Wizard, I selected the "Sell Everywhere" option, which gave me a free ISBN. However, if I wanted my book to be distributed elsewhere, other than on Lulu.COM, I had to order a proof copy of my book, which only costs however much the materials are.

Q: What's the proof order for?
A: It is purchased to make sure that everything looks alright, where if you don't like it, make some changes, then you will have to buy a new proof copy, until you get it right. But once you're done with the last proof order, it will be available on your selected Distribution Option.

Q: Who owns the rights to your book?
A: I own the rights to the book, but in order to use their free ISBN option, I had to list Lulu.COM as my publisher, so they also have specific rights to the book too, only as publisher.

Q: Who does all of your promotion, and maintains your pages?
A: Currently I am running everything on my own, as the book is self-published. It is hard work, especially since I have to keep promoting on a regular basis, all on my own.